You may have noticed that my site has been static for a while, well it's because at the Quantum Owners Club AGM at National Kit Car show, aka Stoneleigh 2004 I was voted onto the committee of the Quantum Owners Club as the Web Officer. I've been spending most of the time where I would have been updating my own site with development of the Quantum Owners Club site. Please visit it and give me some feedback.

I have always liked doing thing for myself, my own way and being a bit different.  OK I'm stubborn  smile This meant that I wanted a car that was different from normal, plus I'd always fancied building a kit car.  Motoring being as expensive as it is dictated that I could only afford to run one car so it had to be usable as an every day car.

It didn't take me long to decide what car I wanted to build.  The modern looking, matched to modern mechanics of the Quantum H4. It's a practical 2+2 sports coupé with a clever targa top that can be removed and stored in the boot to give you a stylish convertible.

After 2 visits to the factory and 2 test drives I finally placed my order and received my key ring - H4-082. This was back at the beginning of April 1998. I then spent time religiously buying Auto Trader and searching the salvage ads in the hope of finding a suitable donor car. In mid July 1998 I found exactly what I was looking for; a Fiesta RS Turbo with rear end damage. You can see pictures of it and read about my build so far...

You can follow the links on the left to see the various shows that I have attended with a camera. The Stoneleigh shows are always very good and the biggest kit car show of the year. Donnington is probably the next biggest, but my favourite show was Malvern, mainly due to it's setting. It's a shame that the show suffered from poor support and wasn't held in 2003.

In June 2003 I bought myself another Quantum. This time it is a fully build Quantum Saloon which makes a useful and cheap to run second car. Hopefully I'll post more about it shortly as it have been magazine featured. The car came with the original feature which you can view on-line here. I'll get some up to date photos posted here soon.


  My Broadband Ping - H4 Turbo