Quantum Sports Cars on the Internet

Here is my list of Quantum Sports Cars related pages on the internet. To have your site linked here please contact me.

Jim Hearne is incredibly knowledgable about the Quantum marque and car in general, especially the Ford engines. He also has 3 Quantums currently and has undertaken engine transplants for several owners. His site has also become and Oracle with the Ford RS owners as it was the first to detail the ZVH engine conversion in detail.

 Quantum Owners Club Quantum Owners Club. A good club is important for a kit car manufacturer and Quantum Sports Cars are luck to have a great club that is getting stronger each year.

 Quantum Sports Cars Quantum Sports Cars. The factory web site which is a good source for buying pre-built cars.

Darryl's Kitcar Website. Darryl has undertaken several kitcar projects including a Quantum Saloon and a Quantum 2+2.

Stu Mumro has build details on his Quantum Saloon.

John and Bron Warner's Personal Website has details about their Quantum 2+2 'Marigold'.

Dave Bence's web site details the build of his immaculate Quantum Xtreme, with was of concours winning quaility when he sold it at Stoneleigh 2003 to fund his next kit car build - another Quantum Xtreme!

James Davis' Quantum Xtreme build is well over due, but hopefully he will be driving it down to Le Mans with me in June 2004!