Castle Coombe 2003 Track Day

For the second year running the Quantum Owners Club were invited to attend a track day organised by the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club. I attended it last year as my first ever track day and found it a really well organised day. This year the organisation was just as good and I had a day of huge fun thrashing my car in a very safe environment. It's great to see cars being driven like they are meant to be.

Half way through my first session I had a quick 180 spin going into the Esses. On previous laps I have kept thinking that I could enter the first part quicker and harder until I pushed it that bit too hard. Fortunately the back end just swung round slowly and I kept the car on the black stuff, ending up facig the wrong way. Being only 6 cars on the circuit at any time I had plenty of time to turn the car back round on the grass to clear the track. The next car round was Jim Hearne who saw me on the grass as I let him past and we exchanged big grins.


Having learnt my lesson early on I didn't have any more moments that big, although I did find myself going round Quarry a little faster that I should have, but some how managed to loose the speed without incident, but it did mean that I was slower down the next straight than I should have been.

Below are some photos various people kindly took for me and I'd like to thank you all for that. I have also received the video footage that I shall shortly be uploading here. A big thanks for Gary for being brave enough to sit in a car with us holding the camera.

There is a lot of footage here to download. They are in different formats and of varying quality so there should be something to suit all.



























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