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I am now the proud owner of a 1990 Fiesta RS Turbo!  As you can see from the photos it isn't exactly in prestine condition now, but before the accident it must has been in nearly mint condition.  I only recevied the car on the 8/7/98, but I have managed to strip out all the interior apart from the dash board.  Having waited a long time to find a donor I finally came up with exactly what I was looking for, without breaking the bank!

With any luck I will be able to update everyone on my progress, possibly with more photos too.

These are photos of the car when it was delivered. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger image)

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By now I had stripped down my donor can and had my garage ready to receive the kit itself, which was just as well as I was due to collect it the following friday. I didn't have any major problems with the strip down, only having to drill out a couple of bolts. The wiring loom came out as a unit as you can see from the photos. Very little was left on the car when I took it away, as the photos show.

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This was the day the kit was due to be collected. Ideally I would have likes a car transporter, but the only suitable vehicle that I could hire was a flat bed van. Rather than pay someone to pick up the Fiesta body shell I decided to take it to a scrap merchant myself.

The body shell was easily loaded onto the back of the van. It was done by sliding it up the 2 sturdy blocks of wood my dad had supplied. Once the shell was on the lip of the van my dad and myself took a piece of wood each and just lifted it up and pushed the shell the rest of the way on. Once secured in place I had enough time for a quick photo shoot before starting the 160 mile journey to Stourbridge. Thankfully the scrap yard was on route.

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When I arrived at the Quantum factory my kit was waiting for me on a trolly. Glyn went through the box of parts with me while I sipped on a cup of coffee. I took this chance to wander around the factory looking at cars being built and the impressive array of ready built cars. Loading the car was simple enough. The factory fork lift driver lifted the body shell and I reversed the van underneath. Before the car was lowered, carpet was placed on the back of the van (I had brought this with me just in case). The Quantum kit is slightly longer than the Fiesta shell, but this could be due to the rear impact. Due to this it overhung the end on the van, but thankfully not by too much. No time to hang around, so it was back on the road again after only a short break, again for more photos.

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My first job was to get the rear axel onto the car, so it could be wheeled in and out of the garage by lifting the front of the car (using a engine hoist, as it's surprisingly heavy).

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