Stoneleigh 2002

The biggest show of the year and the Quantum Owners Club AGM. It's the must attend show of the year. What a shame my car didn't think the same :( I made it along the A14 from the M11 to within sight of the M6 when my car decided it was going no further.


Yes that is metal swarf in my gearbox and no it shouldn't have been there. A day and a half after getting my car fully on the road from repairing the head gasket and getting it properly set up it ate the diff' - literally. Thankfully being a member of the RAC I was able to request a flat bed lorry to recover me back home. They were very good in accepting my diagnosis that it was a terminal problem and couldn't be fixed at the road side, even though I did not know the exact problem at the time.

As a result I never made it to the show and missed out on Andy Heaton's (QOC Events Organiser) hard work in arranging the club stand into a giant Q and getting some aerial photos to proove it too!

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