Stafford 2003

I arrived early at the show on the Sunday morning as I had been told my car was needed for a Quantum stand promoting the charity John O'Groats to Land's End in 24 hours event the owners club are holding on June 26th this year. Therefore I was needed at the event by 9am to ensure my car could get onto the stand in the hall. As it turned out we were given the option of either having an area in a secondary hall, or having space for 6 cars directly outside the main enterance, which was what we took. We had posters on the cars and a collection bucket to help us raise money for the National Children's Home.



As usual at shows, there was a good turn out of Quantums, with the onl model not represents being the MKI Coupe. In total there was roughly 10 Quantums outside the show.

Inside the show Quantum had their own stand with their cut away Xtreme demonstrator. This allows potential buyers to take a good look at how the car is actually put together. Also on their stand was Clem's mental Cosworth powered Xtreme, which to be frank is totally awesome. I know just how much work has gone into creating the more powerful road going Quantum that I'm aware of. However power is nothing without control, but this car has the control to cope. Even with over 300bhp going through the rear wheels in a lightweight car it is still highly drivable on the roads, even in the wet.




This year, as last they were showing a very nice original RS200. Take a look at the size of the turbo on it!



Another car that I quite like the look of is the GTM Libra, which uses Rover Metro/100 running gear and a mid-engine layout. The engine choice is from the Rover 4-cylinder range and the Rover 2.5 V6. If I was to build one I think the 2.0 Turbo would be a nice engine to use!


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