Stafford 2002

The Stafford show, Car Craft,was the first I visited in 2002. This was the show season opener and what a cold and blustery day it was too! The car park was rather empty when I arrived and the layout appeared all over the place with no real club areas immediately apparent and no one around to direct - that could have been down to the cold weather!

Once inside the first vehicle that you saw was an immaculate and original RS200. OK it's not a kit car, but as near to a kit car that Ford will probably ever produce, plus it's such an awesome car it should be welcomed at any car show.

 RS200 front - 343Kb    RS200 front suspension - 352Kb    RS200 rear - 322Kb

Inside the main hall was quite quiet, but there were a fair number of manufacturers, including Quantum Sports Cars with one and a half Xtremes (yes they do have half an Xtreme!) and a 2+2 demonstrator. As car that caught my eye was the Shelsey T2 from Needham Engineering an impressive looking car that uses Rover parts and looks like a convincing sports car.

 Shelsey T2 - 347Kb

Another of my faverouite cars it the Ford GT40 and there was a very nice looking replica on display, but like Clarkson I don't believe I will ever get to drive one being 6"2' and well built - at least I can dream.

 Ford GT40 - 333Kb

Otherwise there was a good selection of the usual Cobras and Lotus Seven style cars. Not a bad start to the show season!

 Cobra engine - 337Kb    Cobra dashboard - 346Kb

 Lightweight 7 style car - 323Kb    Lightweight 7 style car - 351Kb

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