Detling 2003 Kit Car Show

I turned up to both days of this show and due to the weather the Saturday had by far the best turn out. This is a good early show that is quite well supported by the manufacturers and owners, but good weather cannot be relied upon it's not one of the biggest shows of the year. As well as the kit cars there is usually some other event to see for your enterance fee (or time if you are a kit car driver). This year there was a motor bike stunt show and I managed to capture a short movie clip of the highlight, jumping over 2 cars with the drivers still in them!

At the show there were some interesting and very nice cars. I was able to get a good look at the Westfield XTR - one of the fastest cars to lap the Top Gear track.

Westfield XTR Westfield XTR

Westfield XTR Westfield XTR

I am always drawn to a decent GT40 replica and thankfully the Detling show didn't let me down. It is such a nice car and unfortunately not all examples are up to the standard of this one.

Black Ford GT40 replica Black Ford GT40 replica Black Ford GT40 replica

The Dax Rush is definately one of the better quaility Seven style cars. Here is a good example of a Rush.

Dax RushDax RushDax Rush

One car that you don't see often enough is the Midtec Spyder. This is a well designed kit that is a cross between a Seven style car and a modern 2 seater sports car. It look like most of the cars I liked at this show were black!

Midtec SpyderMidtec Spyder

Just to prove that there were some non-black cars at the show take a look at this nicely finished beach buggy.

Beach BuggyBeach Buggy

And finally just because I like the GTM Libra...

GTM Libras

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